Shopping Visits

Welcome to the Official Bulles de Mode Shopping Visits Page !

You may have been in Lyon for a few weeks or a few months, but you still might not know all of its different neighbourhoods.

To help you learn more about this great city – and especially its most fabulous shopping destinations, Bulles de Mode organizes focused Shopping Visits.

Following fashion expert Maïte Despréaux, you will discover shops according to the different themes.

Themes – SAVE THE DATE !

Outlet : The best good deal places in Lyon !

Outlet Bulles de Mode

Vintage : The best second-hand fashionable shops. And a special candy moment…

vintage classics

Accessories : The best places to find your next purse, belt or wonder-shoes !

Christmas Shopping Special : Men only… The best places to find the perfect present for your beloved wife…

Golden Creepers

Silk : Discover a part of Lyon’s history, which remains visible in architecture and industry.

Luxury : Chic is part of Lyon’s DNA. Know more about the brands and their history, and feel the quality of their goods !

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